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Fire-resistant document protection

Sensitive documents are often vital to a business’ continuity and survival. The fallouts of losing business documents to fire can be disastrous; yet, few options exist in protecting this specific asset and most are optimized to protect smaller valuables or offer less than adequate protection.

Fire Files from Chubbsafes systems that are all certified by the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) independant laboratories to endure fire damage for up to two hours. Many sizes are available, ranging from two to four drawers which are optimized to hold documents and files generously. They can be locked with a key or electronically, feature an interlocking system that prevents them from tipping, adjustable filing bars depending on the type of documents that need to be secured and a large capacity. They are a perfect fit in offices that require more room to file their documents in a more secure way.

In order to achieve this high a level of protection, each range is tested in the most stringent of ways. First, the filling cabinet is heated to at least 1,000°C to properly simulate and assess the damage and the rise in temperature that would inflict the inside of the safe. The temperature is likewise controlled in the second test, where safes are placed in a furnace and tested against explosions or shocks. Finally some units go through a cycle or rapid heating, are dropped from nearly 10 meters high and reheated once more. For each test to be successful, no damage must be observed to the contents and the inside temperature must not have exceeded safe levels.

Fire Files from Chubbsafes are thus tested using UL’s (Underwriter’s Laboratories) standards, the leading global authority in security product certifications

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