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New design for modular and on-site assembled Centurion vault

The Centurion vault solution is available in grades ranging from V to XI depending on the level of security required, with the type and number of locks increasing from a single minimum security key lock, up to Class B, C or D high security electronic locks.

Centurion is subjected to tests to meet the EN 1143-1 European security standard. Tests include a variety of tools, such as crowbars, high-powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches. Grade X to XI have been certified for resistance against powerful diamond-core drill bits (CD classification).

The Centurion range is adaptable for most site specifications, from those with space constraints, difficult access, old buildings to rooms with unusual dimensions and floor-load limitations. The new design provides thinner and lighter panels to optimize transportation and mounting costs and maximize available space.

The vault panels are prefabricated to fit a detailed area plan and once made to the required specification, the specially-made vault elements are then delivered to site and assembled. Innovative panel corners make the installation easier and faster as they do not require welding.

The Centurion range of vaults and vault doors also offer a variety of reinforced configurations for additional protection and a stylish construction with interior and exterior customized finishes. they can also integrate a series of additional options, such as certified ventilation and/or alarm systems throughout the vault room.

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