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Creating sustainable business

Gunnebo, the Chubbsafes' parent company is strongly committed to creating business sustainability at every stage: from product development to after-sales service, each employee working with the brand is aware of his or her responsibility to protect the environment and act in a socially responsible manner.




The objective of Gunnebo is to ensure that all its production units are able to implement environmental management systems in order to fulfil the conditions of ISO standard 14001. This standard lays down the requirements concerning the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS) which enables an organization to define an environmental policy and objectives for improving its environmental performance.

Environmental management procedures are a key component of Gunnebo's environmental mission.


The group has developed an environmental charter which defines the course of action the company must take in terms of the environment. Its aim is to:

  • Inform employees and encourage a responsible attitude toward the environment
  • Make the group's activities more environmentally-friendly without waiting for legal and official recommendations
  • Be mindful of environmental issues and develop new products and production methods
  • Endeavour to use resources more efficiently and reduce the use of hazardous substances
  • Adopt a positive attitude toward the environment.


Gunnebo has expressed the desire to improve its performance in terms of protecting the environment by:

  • Reducing emissions of volatile organic substances
  • Optimising energy use in its processes, buildings and movements of goods and people
  • Using raw materials and natural resources efficiently
  • Optimising the recycling of materials
  • Implementing a strategy for the development of environmentally-friendly products (management of energy consumption and use of natural resources throughout the product's life cycle)
  • Introducing environmental management systems that comply with ISO 14001 standards at all production units.

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Chubbsafes' reputation and trust placed by its customers, shareholders, partners and employees are essential. Chubbsafes' relationship with its ecosystem is guided by Fundamental Values from the Code of Conduct of its parent company:

  • Customer Focus
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation


These Fundamental Values underpin the ethical rules and behaviours that govern the day-to-day activities of all Gunnebo's companies and employees around the world.

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